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CML System
Constant Maximum Luminosity

100% of lighting power for all declared autonomy.

This is a real autonomy.

2h @ 100%

BLM System
Backup Light Mode

Reduction of light power to 20% in 30 minutes after declared autonomy.

Never without light.

+30min @ 20%

TSS System
Temperature Safety System

Automatic shutdown in case of overheating out of the water .

I have no heat problem.

EEC System
Efficient Exploitation Circuit

Integrated system that allows an optimal management of the energy stored in the battery pack.

Wonderful brain.

Lighting source: 3 Led
Beams very homogeneous beams with no spatial or chromatic aberration.
Color Temperature: 7500 K (on request 4000 K)

Constructed with laser etched anticorodal aluminum alloy 6082.

Sealed Li-Ion battery pack.
Recharging the battery pack without extraction.
Magnetic switch (on battery pack)

No Flicker-effect
Frost-like lense (homogeneous light diffusion) (included)
Video bracket with M8 standard thread (included)

Maximum tested depth:300m
(Each producted light is tested in a hyperbaric chamber at a pressure of 31 atm).

bs1000 tab
Roverto Rinaldi
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